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Has your little one managed to grab hold of their knitted name or shape??
Don't worry!! You DO NOT need to purchase a whole new product - just because the wire is damaged doesn't mean it can't be save by me. 

If the knitted component of your product is still in tact, simply purchase the correct re-wiring and shaping option and then email me after purchase to find out where you need to send your product back to. I'll supply you with an address, you ship back to me in a padded satchel (yep, just scrunch it up and shove it in there) and then I will re-wire and shape your product for you! It's that simple!

IMPORTANT: This listing is for previous customers ONLY!! Please only purchase this listing if you have previously purchased a knitted name or shape from Jaye & Co. You MUST use the same full name as your original order when ordering this listing.

- Please either pop a note in the satchel or add a note at checkout when purchasing this listing of what your product previously was so that I know what to re-shape
- Shipping back to me is to be paid for by the customer.
- When purchasing this listing, please be sure to select the shipping you would like (standard or express) and this is how I will ship your product back to you.
- If you are unsure if the knitted component of your order can be re-used or you have any questions, please email me or DM me on Instagram (@jayeandco_) with some photos and I can let you know.
- If the wrong option is selected for the product I receive back, the customer will receive an invoice for the remainder of the cost and the product will not be fixed or shipped until this invoice has been cleared.